Work From Home Operators’ Guide

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  1. Fulfills the promise of the headline
  2. Continues where the headline leaves off
  3. "Hooks" with an appeal to the reader's need


  1. Promise of benefit
  2. Proof (testimonial)
  3. Promise of benefit
  4. Proof (study, research reference)

Present price as a low-barrier offer and benefit, including:

  1. How much they save against professional assistance
  2. How much they save against YOUR assistance
  3. How much they GAIN from using the product
  4. How much time they save using the product

Present a risk reversal that eliminates perceived risk.

Create a time incentive to induce ordering

  1. Order now
  2. Limited time available
  3. Limited time at this price
  4. Limited time bonus available
  5. Limited time discount on future services