Who Says Customer Service Is Dead And Buried?

“Ahhh s***…that’s just not right!”Add in a couple more choice expletives and this was my reaction this morning on checking my credit card statement and seeing a reasonably hefty charge from a company who’s services I hadn’t used in months. It wasn’t about the sum of money involved, it was the principle. How dare they deduct money from my credit card without my consent was my over-riding emotion.I quickly jumped online, dug out my old password and checked my account settings. Lo and b


I think the rumors of the death have been greatly exaggerated. Only those who are not engaged in dealing with customers directly could believe that Customer Service is anything but thriving. In fact the stellar service that was received in this anecdote shows us that this is true. For all of the hype surrounding Customer Experience at its core it is about treating customers as the valued asset they are, which is what Customer Service has always been about.
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