What’s so familiar with the situation? A few Suggestions to overcome some of the stumbling blocks in 2012

By: Deepak Selvaratnam, Director, CustomerServicesAudit – December 09, 2011

As we drive dangerously close to the precipice of 2011 and pause to look back on a year that has been, Do any of these situations feel familiar?

1-Plenty of projects on the go but not many seeing the light of the true benefits envisaged at the beginning of the project
2-Plenty of projects around with priority 01 assigned but inadequate resources to get accomplished
3-Important projects being held up by decisions that need to come from the ‘top’
4-Major changes in the organization causing a ‘wait until the dust settles’ to start any useful projects of our own
5-Identified some key projects but priorities for these projects slipped!

This is a synopsis of statuses that over 20 Snapshotz Users face this month when reviewing progress using the Snapshotz tool. Executives are constantly being faced with these hurdles.

Here are a few suggestions based on our experience to overcome some of these stumbling blocks.

1-Identify what factors are controllable and what are not.
2-Distinguish between procrastination and decisions to wait
3-Understand if you have effective resources and seek support or replace with effective support
4-Understand and envision the end game or expected results in order to communicate upwards, across and downwards – This makes getting resources much easier even in the toughest of times. (ask some of the Snapshotz users)
5-There is no shortage of willing and capable people even in the hardest of economic times or the most clouded of political climates – identify these people even though you may not agree with or like them! Amazing what a common purpose can do.

We and our partners at Customer Services Audit have pledged to provide support on an ongoing basis to act as mirrors and partners in enabling contact centers achieve the status of being strategic partners rather than being the ‘lead alongs’!

Let us know if you wish to take greater control using very simple logical and inexpensive approaches.

Deepak Selvaratnam, Director, CustomerServicesAudit, Co Developer Snapshotz Online

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