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Well it has certainly been a busy spring. In the past six months we at TRG have gone from solely providing call and contact center consulting to managing the consulting practice as well as three other companies. These companies are Teleffective, Inc an outbound B2B tele-sales service provider, Telepoll a data gathering and research company focusing on Third Party Quality Monitoring (3PQM) services as well as Customer satisfaction and Employee satisfaction services and Scheduling Staff Inc. that offered hosted staff scheduling services employed by call center as well as restaurants, municpal governements and emergency service organizations.

I wanted to share some of the recent news related to all of the companies ane welcome your thoughts and comments regarding these service offering and the exciting challenges of manageing rapid growth.

Teleffective Growth
Teleffective has grown and prospered in the just over three months since the company was launched. Today we are operating three campaigns running: one is securing appointments for a computer peripherals company, securing appointments and completing direct sales for a waste collection company and up-selling directory listings for a large business to business media company. Our tagline is “The Sell, Phone Company”, and we selected this because it accurately reflects what we do. To see what Teleffective can do to help you improve your sales pipeline and sales performance contact Colin Taylor at or visit the Teleffective website at

Teleffective adds to our team
Teleffective has added to our team with the addition of Nancy Philippou as Project Manager. Nancy with more than 5 years of tele-sales experience brings a track record of success and achievement to Teleffective. Nancy will oversee all program completed by Teleffective and will work with the staff to ensure success of each and every project. Please join me in welcoming Nancy to the Teleffective team. You can reach Nancy at .

TRG secures a new agreement to provide Third Party Quality Monitoring
TRG has recently secured a new agreement to provide Third Party Quality Monitoring (3PQM) services to large financial institution. More than 175 agents will be assessed at least three times per month against the criteria established by TRG and the Client. This agreement was secured following the completion of a six month pilot project. The client characterized the results of the pilot as allowing them to focus more effectively on coaching and developing their agents and helping to improve the overall quality and service delivered to their clients. For more information on TRG please visit our website at .

Telepoll and TRG secure new Customer Satisfaction Survey Program
Telepoll, a TRG company has secured a new Customer satisfaction research program to assist an established sports equipment manufacturer to assess their customers and channels satisfaction with the company and its sales and services processes. This program will be executed utilizing outbound telephone interviews with assessments and analytics being provided by TRG. For more information about Telepoll and their Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and/or 3PQM services please visit our website at or email John Cockerill at .

Scheduling Staff Inc. continues to grow
It has been less than one year but Scheduling Staff Inc. (SSI) has already developed a strong following of organizations who rely on SSI to help them to quickly and easily schedule their staff. Today more than 141 companies, representing more than 3,275 individual users and reflecting scheduled shifts that total more than 87,000 days are using SSI. The companies that use SSI represent a broad range of service organizations from Call centers and market research companies to restaurants, emergency services and governmental services organizations across North America. For more information on Scheduling Staff Inc or to set up your own 30 day free trial please visit our website at or email Mary Jones at .

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