What is The #1 Way to Improve Customer Service?

I was recently asked “What was the #1 thing any organization could do to improve their Customer Service.

While there can certainly be many valid and beneficial actions and activities that organizations can take to improve their Customer Service, such as: Investing in Training, Expanding Service Hours, Leveraging Customer Data etc. I think that the #1 step we can take to improve Customer Service is to focus on the Customer. In other words Customer Centricity.

Any organization can improve the Customer Service by improving their customer centricity. To be customer centric is to place the customer at the center of everything that we do. It isn’t just about the call center or customer service department, but every department in the organization. Practically in the call center it means eliminating barriers to the desired Customer Experience, such as eliminating policies, process or procedures that create points of conflict with the customers, aligning goals and objectives from the front-line agent to CEO to support the Customer Experience and equipping the front-line staff with the empowerment, tools and training they need to be effective.

Let em know your thoughts on this post and what you think is the #1 thing organizations can do to improve their Customer Service.

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