Visionary PC Gaming and Peripherals developer calls in Taylor Reach for Contact Center Support

A visionary leader in PC gaming and peripherals development and manufacturing has called in The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. (TRG) to provide an assessment of its critical Customer Service and Technical Support Contact Center Operations.

The company’s global and online presence, with a highly demanding audience, means it needs to be able to create a consistent and successful customer experience across multiple brands and lines of business. The challenge they face is in coordinating multiple contact centers, with operations ranging from pre-sales to technical support. Ensuring consistent, efficient response time and correct procedures across all channels is vital to the customer experience.

“Our assessment process is exceptionally thorough,” says Colin Taylor, CEO and Chief Chaos Officer of Taylor Reach. “Our online assessment tool measures over 700 data points across eight categories of contact center operations, and scores these against the best practices of over 2,500 contact centers worldwide.”

With this data in place, Taylor Reach reviews the data, compares the center to best practice and ISO standards, and makes specific recommendations for select areas of improvement, or create sweeping, system-wide strategies for change and improvement, depending on the needs of the client.

“The goal for any contact center is to enhance the customer experience,” Taylor says. “It’s vital to maintaining brand confidence, and even more important to ensuring brand loyalty, which is at the core of repeat business.”

Without that loyalty, he says, a brand can struggle to gain or even retain its market position. This is why the assessment and audit processes are so important; important enough that it’s worth making it a part of the operation’s regular maintenance.

Taylor Reach performs detailed strategic assessments for companies, NGO’s and governments across North America. Using a proprietary methodology combining benchmarking, best practice analysis and a deep understanding of People, Processes, Technology, and Methodology, Taylor Reach employs a holistic approach to contact center assessment that views the center in the context of the customer experience and the service delivery across traditional and digital channels. From there, recommendations can be made as to what gaps need to be addressed, and what steps can be taken to improve the operation and experience for both the customers and front-line staff.


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