Union contact centre played part in Labor win

The Queensland Public Sector Union’s (QPSU) contact centre reportedly played a major role in the ACTU’s campaign to help Labor win last year’s federal election.

The Australian Council of Trade Union’s “Your Rights at Work” campaign, an attack on the Howard government’s workplace relations laws, was credited with striking a major blow to its re-election efforts. The QPSU took part in the campaign, using its contact centre to identify swinging voters and encourage a vote for Labor, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

To handle such a campaign, the QPSU turned to Propensity International to vary the size of its outgoing contact centre from 15 and 60 seats – using voiceover IP software on office PCs. Propensity turned to Microsoft’s new Windows Server 2008 as a foundation on which to easily deploy its hosted contact centre solution. In the week leading to the election, the QPSU reportedly called about 25,000 members.

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