Top Trends – Immersive or Flexible Learning

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By: Colin Taylor

Immersive or Flexible Learning. Training and education is a key to being successful in any role or endeavor. Interacting with customers is one of the most critical tasks for any organization. This pivotal role impacts and in part determines if a prospect becomes a customer or if a customer will remains one. Yet in spite of the importance of this role with the company, this is generally viewed as an entry level position. A surprising number of organizations employ very limited screening and appear to be not terribly discriminating in the selection of customer service agents. Once hired the new agents are trained to interact with customer and prospects. All too often this training is comprised of sitting in a classroom; listening and watching a trainer show what needs to be done. This is often called the ‘Sage on the Stage’ approach. If not completed in a classroom the training may only include side by side observation of an experienced agent.
Bottom Line: Flexible or immersive learning replaces the ‘Sage on the Stage’, with the ‘Guide on the Side’. Course training or more accurately education is immersive. The approach combines classroom study with individual study (eLearning), group study, side by side learning, with quizzes, tests and exams. The approach allows the student to test their knowledge, recall and gauge their own progress. The individual learning is self-paced allowing the student to move forward at their own pace, not that set by the ‘Trainer’.
In a contact center environment this means faster learning, more comprehensive learning and better, more skilled and more effective agents. Of course some organisations will cling to the Sage on the Stage, but others will embrace lower costs, higher resolution, higher VOC, NPS and CSAT.

Let us know your take on this trend. How would you start on this journey? What were the stumbling blocks you encountered? How were they overcome?

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