Top 10 Trends for 2015

By: Colin Taylor

This is the time of the year when we are inundated by watch lists and trend lists of the activities, technologies and methodologies that are expected to change our world in the coming year. Unfortunately most of these lists and listed item fall on deaf ears as they are not relevant to most call/contact centers or most customer service or customer experience organizations.

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So while I will succumb to the temptation to present a ‘Trends for 2015’, I will at least try to put these into context of the size, type or maturity level of the centers that can truly benefit by employing these trends.
My top 10 trends are listed below and each day for the next ten days I will be sharing an overview of each of these trends and my point of view on the bottom line as it impacts customer service call and contact centers.
The 2015 Top 10 Trend List
1. Customer Experience
2. Gamification
3. Immersive Learning
4. SMS
5. Mobile
6. Video
7. Chat
8. Agent Empowerment
9. Zero Service
10. Customer Effort and Emotion

Let us know what you think of the Top 10 list. What would have added to list and why, What would you have left off the list?

Over the next couple of weeks we will review each of the trends identified on the list, provide an overview and let you know what my ‘Bottom Line’ is for each trend.

Tomorrow the topic will be Customer Experience

One thought on “Top 10 Trends for 2015

  1. kristany says:

    Hey Colin, All the above mentioned points are really important this year. One more point I would like to add in the list is using the IVR Technology so that customers can receive up-to-date account information instantly and easily without having to speak directly to a person.

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