The LAKE approach to Measure Customer Experience

On Friday when our associate Bruce Lebowitz spoke on BlogTalk Radio on Branding Dialogues and one of the points he addressed was the LAKE approach to measuring the customer experience in the call center. LAKE stands for:

– Language, the language and vocabulary the agent employs,
– Attitude, the attitude demonstrated by the agent during the interaction,
– Knowledge, the knowledge employed and demonstrated by the agent during the interaction,
– Effort, the effort required by the customer to get to complete the interaction.

Employing the LAKE approach it is possible to assess the agents’ ability to connect with the caller and demonstrate the company’s commitment to serving the customer.

This approach ties into and links to the desired customer experience and should echo or mirror the brand expectations created by Marketing. The LAKE approach is well aligned with the Taylor Reach Customer Experience Snapshot (CX Snapshot) audit process. The CX Snapshot measures the emotional and rational connections between the agent and the caller and the effort the customer is required to expend in the process.

For more information on the LAKE approach or CX Snapshot please email Colin or give me a call at 416-979-8692 ext 200.

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