The Gap between Brand Promises and the Customer Experience

Hear Bruce Lebowitz our newest team member speak out the Gap between Brand Promises and the Customer Experience on the next VOC Radio Show- Friday (10/19) – Branded Dialogues

Please check out this upcoming episode of Voice of the Customer Radio – Friday October 19th (12-1pm EDT). Where the topic will be discussing Customer Experience and branded dialogues. While every company makes brand promises in all their marketing and advertising, the most admired companies extend the brand experience through their actual customer service dialogues every day. The session will explore how to translate the brand promise to the front-line customer experience that results in happy customers, respected brands and great customer experiences.

As you are aware, all episodes of VOC Radio are complimentary and worth the listen for the Customer Professional.

Title – Branded Dialogues: Bridging the Gap Between Brand Promises and Customer Experience

Expected Outcomes:
• Recognizing the gap between brand image and customer experience
• Review of common pitfalls in organizations
• Relieving the tension between efficient delivery and experience
• Examples to best practices — Leaders in the field
• Measuring experience as well as performance
• How to improve communication between Marketing and Operations
• How to “Brand Train” agents
Bruce Lebowitz
Senior Consultant
The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.

• Friday October 19th 12:00pmEST – 1:00pmEST
• Call-in Number: (323) 679-0913

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