Teleflora Wins Snapshotz Audit

Amas Tenumah, Vice President, Operations for Teleflora
Colin Taylor, The CEO of The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the winner of our Snapshotz contest.

Amas Tenumah, Vice President, Operations for Teleflora was the winner of a free license of the SnapShotz call center audit, a $4,500 value. Snapshotz is the only SaaS based audit tool available today. The Taylor Reach Group recently partnered with Customer Services Audit (the creators of Snapshotz) as the authorized North American partner.

With Snapshotz, Teleflora will be able to assess and benchmark one of their contact centers against 8 categories, 29 suncategories and more than 640 datapoints. With the ability to share access with up to 5 members of the Teleflora, Amas can also assign tasks and resposponsiblies to his team members to ensure the action items get identified and captured.

Snapshotz uses a holistic approach to review the workings of a customer service area, covering 8 main sections, 29 sub sections and 640 plus variables. More than 500 organizations have completed Snapshotz audits globally in every imaginable vertical.

Targeted at customer service functions of any size, Snapshotz is aimed at businesses looking to identify areas to reduce costs, improve productivity, identify risks or gain a snapshot of where the service area sits at a particular period of time.

Snapshotz is great for planning purposes, and acts as comparison tool for reviews of the service function and teams within the customer service function, or even comparison of geographic locations.

The uniqueness of Snapshotz is that it enables a full review of the service area at an affordable price.

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