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What Technology is Right for you?

After people, technology is often the second largest cost in operating a call center or contact center. Today contact center technologies are many, varied and often complex. With telephony platforms, niche or point solutions for email, chat, IVR and SMS, CRM and back office systems. Many of these systems are integrated and tied together so that changing or upgrading a single technology can have impacts on others.

The Taylor Reach Group Can Help

We have helped hundreds of organizations assess their telephony and technology needs to ensure that the solution selected will not only meet the center needs for today but also future proof the center for the future. We are vendor agnostic and do not ‘partner’ with vendors. Our only compensation, unlike some of our competitors, is from our clients. So our focus is on identifying, sourcing and acquiring solutions that meet our client needs and requirements. Of course, each center has different needs, goals and objectives for their center, so each acquisition project is unique and based upon the clients’ functional, operational and financial objectives.

We have assisted organizations to source;
  • Telephony platforms (premise and cloud),
  • IVR platforms and services,
  • Workforce Management,
  • Email Management,
  • Chat management (reactive, proactive and automated),
  • SMS,
  • CRM


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What Technology is Right for You?