John Cockerill

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John Cockerill, as President of The Taylor Reach Group, Inc., consults on sales, marketing and customer service operations. TRG’s clients include firms in the environmental, automotive and high tech fields.

Before joining TRG John Cockerill was in charge of the strategic planning and day to day operations of The Bank of Canada Client Service Centre and at EDS. John spearheaded the changes required to meet and maintain the service levels while dealing with the explosive growth of key programs.

John joined The Bank from Watts Communications Ltd. where he was responsible for sales and marketing and helped Watts become one of Canada’s leading supplier of outsourced call centre services.

John managed a leading charity’s 20 telefundraising centres across Canada; six years with his own consulting practice; and stints with direct marketing agencies and Compusearch for five years.

John was educated at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in Toronto. He lives in Toronto with his family and children.

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