Taylor Reach Unveils Leadership Training Program for Transforming Contact Center Leaders for the Digital Age

The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. (Taylor Reach) announced today, the launch of their Leadership Training Program for Contact Center Team Leads, Supervisors, Analysts, and Managers.

A staggering statistic points out that 84% of organizations anticipate a shortfall of leaders in the next 5 years. While 83% of organizations say it is important to develop leaders at all levels, only 5% have fully implemented development at all levels. To address this gap, Taylor Reach’s Leadership Training Program is focused on leaders at all levels in the Contact Center and prepares people for the challenges of leadership in the digital age.

Applying decades of world-class Contact Center leadership experience, the Taylor Reach Leadership Training program can be customized to each industry, organization, and Contact Center – delivering anything but a ‘cookie cutter’ approach.

Taylor Reach’s CEO and Chief Chaos Officer, Colin Taylor, stated, “My involvement in the Contact Center world over the last 40+ years, through operational management and consulting experience, has allowed me to gain the practical knowledge that the ‘cookie cutter’ approach where one size is supposed to fit all, simply does not work.” He expanded, “This is especially true in regards to equipping your Contact Center leadership with the expertise to manage better, increase performance and productivity and effectively identify root causes, all while enhancing their understanding the ‘thousand moving parts’ in every contact center and your specific Contact Center goals.”
One of the most overlooked opportunities for Contact Centers is the training for leadership within the organization. Without training staff to grow within your succession plan, you are handicapping your organization’s ability to grow and thrive. The absence of understanding from Center Team Leads, Managers, Advisors, and Supervisors on the impact of one single change to the broader center, costs centers millions of dollars annually.

Taylor said, “Strategy is envisioning the improbable or impossible. Leadership is inspiring people to attain these. A motivated team that actually believes the impossible is possible can achieve great wonders. This has been repeatedly seen in Contact Centers around the globe; 70% reduction in calls, increased revenues, higher customer satisfaction, migrating 30% of calls to lower cost channels in one case, redesigned processes resulting in a 75% reduction in calls per customer in another.”


About the Taylor Reach Group, Inc. – Established 2003, Taylor Reach is a worldwide, leading Contact Center, Call Center, and Customer Experience consulting firm. Taylor Reach specializes in optimizing centers, of all shapes and sizes, across many verticals, to deliver the desired Customer Experience: SMB’s, Fortune 500 and Global 1000 firms. Taylor Reach has delivered Contact center Leadership training to the organization in the service, e-commerce, government, and healthcare industries and offers other services such as Contact Center Assessments, Training Development, Sourcing, Workforce Management and more. Taylor Reach is dedicated to assisting clients to solve customer experience, Contact Center, and customer service challenges – clients have received more than 30 awards for service delivery and operational excellence.

Media Contact: For more information on The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. visit or phone Sarah Hill-Stapley at 1-866-334-3730 ext. 112

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