Taylor Reach to train county government contact center supervisors lead and effectively manage a remote workforce

The ongoing pandemic continues to impact on individuals, business and government. Many people have begun to work from home and many businesses and government agencies have been working to determine how they can best meet the needs of their customers and citizens through their now remote contact centers.

The shift to remote teams, especially for customer-facing contact teams, is not without its challenges. Fortunately, the Taylor Reach Group are experts in remote and hybrid workforce management.

The award-winning global contact center consultants and Customer Experience experts, The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. (TRG) have been enlisted to help one US county with developing and deploying training for the county contact center supervisors. Taylor Reach has experience working with county/city, state/provincial and federal governments, within North America and internationally.

“Local and county governments operate complex, multi-tiered contact center operations supporting resident inquiries to many departments,” says Colin Taylor, CEO and Chief Chaos Officer at TRG. “As a result, customers—in this case, clients, taxpayers and residents—need to be assured of a smooth, effective, and friction-free contact experience.”

Remote work teams have proven to be highly effective and productive, Taylor explains. But they can be challenged due to “last mile” connectivity, lag in terms of technology, training, and general knowledge. Supervisory and management practices that work in a bricks-and-mortar environment do note smoothly transition to a remote workforce. In fact, much that we take for granted in a physical center can be absent when working remotely. It can be difficult to track down the correct answer or procedure, for example, if there’s no colleague or supervisor at the next workstation or even in the same room. Without a team of colleagues nearby, workers can experience a sense of isolation and anxiety while doing their work. To be effective organization need to adjust their processes and procedures to the environment they are operating in. As a result, supervisors need to be trained in how to best lead a remote workforce.

“Our goal with this project,” Taylor says, “is to ensure that the supervisors are equipped to give their teams the best support, guidance and tools to succeed. The training of management is sometimes overlooked, but it’s imperative that these leaders also be trained to manage the unique challenges of a remote workforce…teaching the teachers, as it were.”

Taylor Reach’s specialized and customized training models have helped major retail, publishing, education, and financial brands, as well as government agencies at all levels, provide world-class consumer support and customer experience through its holistic and multi-modal approach.


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