Taylor Reach to perform strategic assessment for national association of licensing boards

A national-level association of professional licensing boards has engaged The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. (Taylor Reach) to perform a strategic assessment of its membership communications and contact center operations.


Taylor Reach; an award-winning industry leader in Customer Experience and Contact Center operations; has been called in to examine the association’s communications channels. The communications in question are both with the professional association members, those individuals interested in entering the field, and the licensing bodies. The interactions and processes reflect a customer-focused Contact Center. In fact, in the latter case, the ability to reach out and communicate directly with the national center is vital to ensuring confident training and professional development in the field.


“Nationwide organizations that link regional and local licensing boards are critical to maintaining professional standards,” says Taylor Reach CEO and Chief Chaos Officer, Colin Taylor. “In fact, while this association doesn’t deal directly with the clients of the professionals it represents, those professionals, individuals seeking to become professionals, and their licensing boards are its clients. So, it makes sense that, not unlike a government contact operation, they require efficient and effective communications as well.”


Taylor Reach has experience working with profession associations in the financial service and healthcare industries within North America and internationally. Their consulting operations have also helped retailers, Fortune 500 companies, and a number of important social service agencies to improve their customer facing communications and contact center operations. Through a comprehensive examination of the people, processes, technologies, and methodologies employed in the center, they’re able to focus on specific pain-points, trouble spots and recommend exactly the improvements needed to optimize the support experience.


“A professional association isn’t quite a traditional customer-facing service center,” explains Taylor. “Nor is it an NGO. It sits somewhere in the middle; but the needs of the members, and future members, to access timely and effective solutions is no less important.”


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