Taylor Reach to perform internal contact center strategic assessment for major sporting goods player

A major sporting goods retailer has invited The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. back to perform a strategic assessment on their internal contact center operation.

This is a return engagement for TRG, who has performed similar assessments for this client in the past, and helped structure the current internal contact center, and advised them on outsource vendor selection. The relationship is nearly a decade old, dating back to 2013, and TRG CEO Colin Taylor says it’s an important facet of the award-winning consulting firm’s approach.

“While it’s certainly true that repeat business is valuable from a business perspective,” Taylor says, “it’s even more important to us professionally. It’s a sign that, as leaders in Customer Experience, we walk the walk when it comes to delivering the highest standard of service to our clients.”

Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a scoring system that ranks companies from -100 to +100 with a view towards understanding customer experience, loyalty, and trust within their industry. Qualtrics, who analyze and calculate NPS data, suggests that, while anything above 0 is good, and anything above 50 is excellent, a perfect score of +100 is extremely difficult; if next to impossible; to achieve.

Taylor Reach has never scored lower than +89 since tracking began in 2015, and currently boasts a score of +91.

Regarding the new strategic assessment, Taylor says it’s also part of their ongoing commitment to outstanding customer service.

“We helped this client design their internal contact center up and running,” he says. “The fact that they then doubled back to us to make sure it’s working optimally is essential to ensure the delivery of superior service in the most efficient and effective manner. It’s important to do these checkups regularly. Just like any well-oiled machine, routine maintenance is far preferable to expensive repairs!”

TRG uses an assessment platform that measures contact center performance against global best practices to ensure that the people, processes, technology, and systems employed by each center are functioning at their absolute best. This ensures not only cost efficiency, but also the highest level of satisfaction for customers.

About The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.

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