Taylor Reach Group to ensure compliance for statewide youth crisis line

The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. (TRG) has been enlisted to ensure compliance for a statewide youth crisis line.

The 24-hour crisis line caters to children that are a risk to themselves or others, having a mental health crisis.

“Of course, being a crisis line means the operation needs to be functioning optimally,” says Colin Taylor, CEO and Chief Chaos Officer at TRG. “Unfortunately, NGOs are often working within limited budgets and experience, and as a result may take steps that are suboptimal.”

The crisis center in question has faced such challenges. As a result, the operation has fallen short of state compliance requirements.

“TRG is a major advocate for youth and mental health,” Taylor says, “and it’s vitally important that these services be available without hesitation for those who need them most. That’s why this has been a top-priority project for us.”

TRG, an award-winning call and contact center consulting and managed services firm, will be performing a deep dive into all of the center’s processes, staffing, and technology in order to determine the precise gaps between current operations and state compliance. With this analysis in hand, the firm will be able to strategize and implement changes that will streamline and optimize the contact process, ensuring callers are able to get the help they need right away.

“Once the assessment process is complete,” Taylor says, “we’ll be able to quickly identify gaps between current operations and best practices, pinpoint ineffective technologies, and determine the most effective staffing for caller support. The organization already has a robust strategy for working with youth in crisis. Our role will be to ensure the call-in stage of the contact process is not an added hurdle for already vulnerable persons.”

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