Taylor Reach Group Speaks at 15th Annual CEM Focused Conference


By: Sarah Hill – Stapley

Recently Colin Taylor, our CEO, and John Cockerill, President, had the pleasure of speaking at the 15th Annual SCORE Conference. The focus of this year’s event was incorporating CEM strategies as part of your corporate DNA. Senior executives from a variety of industries attended the conference clearly, deeply invested in Customer Experience. “The audience participation was phenomenal. Excellent questions were asked from the audience and over-all there was a very high audience participation rate”, observed John.

Colin Taylor Speaks on Focusing on Contact Centers to Drive Customer Loyalty

Colin spoke on focusing on Contact Centers to drive Customer Loyalty. Colin joined dots between multi-channel, omni-channel, customer centricity and the customer experience.

With real world examples Colin provided insights into the most effective strategies to improve the customer experience, increased customer satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty.

John Cockerill – To Manage or Not to Manage the Customer Experience

John Cockerill spoke on managing the customer experience.

The focus of the talk was “Do you really wanted to manage the customer experience OR do you want to manage your operations?” As an individual, do you wake up in the morning and look forward to managing your experience – no. What we are managing is what we have the ability to manage.

What we cannot manage – the customer experience.

What we can do, is manage to the best of our ability, our delivery of what that customer expects. We need to truly understand customer expectations, and be able to stand out. Standing out doesn’t necessarily mean the best of the best – you need something that is going to solve your customers’ needs – WIIFM (what’s in it for me).

To listen to John Cockerill’s full speech, email Sarah Hill – Stapley for the full audio.


Other Speakers that Stood Out

Megan Burns of Experience Enterprise

Our team who attended SCORE said, “It was most interesting listening to her!” Megan explained the difference between experience and engagement, and how changing the former helps boost the latter. She presented data and real-world examples that connected the dots between EX and areas such as empathy, customer-centricity, collaboration and customer loyalty. Megan also discussed on when it’s in an organizations interest to put employee needs in front of customer needs and why – great speech Megan!

Brian LaRouche of Call Miner

TRG was most impressed by Brian Laroche from Call Miner and his technical point of view, . Although TRG is vendor agnostic, and would like to emphasize that this is not an endorsement, some of the tools Brian presented for being able to audit and diagnose the customer experience were impressive and demonstrates significant improvement over the last five years.


Overall this was a great event to attend and it truly did focus exclusively on how companies can make Customer Experience (CEM) strategies as part of their corporate DNA to lock in profitable, long-term customer loyalty. TRG is looking forward to what next year’s conference will have to offer!

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