Taylor Reach Group can support your sourcing needs, regardless of whether you are upgrading your captive center technology or infrastructure, if you have outsourced your center or if you are considering outsourcing as a business strategy. Our team has the expertise and knowledge of best practices to guide you through a successful RFP process.

Outsourcing - Preparedness and Suitability

With more than half of all outsourcing initiatives described as failures, it is essential that you ensure you are prepared to outsource. Taylor Reach can provide a full, comprehension understanding of the state of preparedness of the center for outsourcing including its current maturity, suitability and pre-requisites for a smooth outsourcing transition. Taylor Reach can also assess you center activities to identify the activity suitability and likely success when outsourcing.

Sourcing - In, Out, Home or Near

If you’re considering outsourcing, offshoring, insourcing, nearshoring, homesourcing, or would like a comprehensive understanding of each of these strategies in specific relation to your center, Taylor Reach can help.

Captive Sourcing - Technology Acquisition

Contact centers are never finished, they are always evolving. New phone systems, CRM platforms, WFM, IVR, Self-service, chat-bots, SME all promise better service and lower costs/TCO. If you’re interested in assessing your center(s) current technology or wish to get expert assistance from a vendor agnostic from an expert, we can help.

Interim Management

If you’re experiencing a vacancy at the top of the Contact Center operations, and are considering interim management as an option, Taylor Reach can assist providing an expert knowledgeable in building and running Call /Contact Centers and Customer Service operations.

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