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As call centers and contact, centers evolve their roles within the organizations can change. The importance of managing the customer experience can lead an organization to in-source their contact centers while at another firm the need to be efficient and reduce costs can lead to a desire to outsource their center(s). Both insourcing and outsourcing are complex activities where the failure to properly research, plan and execute can create problems that can require years to correct.

Taylor Reach Can Help

Taylor Reach has extensive experience in working with organizations to determine if their contact center activities are suitable to effective outsourcing. Remember that research shows that more than half of all outsourcing initiatives fail to realize their objectives. We assess your center(s) maturity, people, technology, processes and procedures, the contact types and complexity involved to help our clients determine the suitability of their contact center activities to outsourcing. We are vendor agnostic and do not ‘partner’ with vendors. Our only compensation, unlike some of our competitors, is from our clients. So our focus is on identifying, sourcing and acquiring solutions that meet our client needs and requirements. Of course, each center has different needs, goals and objectives for their center, so each acquisition project is unique and based upon the clients’ functional, operational and financial objectives. We have assisted organizations to source;

  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • eCommerce Support
  • POS Support

Where insourcing is desired in many cases, a new contact center organization needs to be developed. Taylor Reach has worked with our clients to develop the organizational structure and design, the contact center strategic plan, the technology requirements, processes, workflows and call flow. WE assist in the people process elements including recruiting, hiring onboarding, training, job descriptions, workforce management (WFM), quality and performance management.

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