Some proven examples of getting past the gate keepers of the C-Level suite.

Relevance, persistence and value. You must offer something of value, real value not just sales fluff. Contact tactics –
1-Try building a relationship with the gatekeepers…they can be your friend or ensure you never talk to anyone
2- Call when the gatekeepers aren’t there. You would be surprised the number of CEO’s who are in the office at 6 am and 6 pm…their admins are not.
3- Mine the company for a referral. Even if it is a “only the CEO can make that decision”…reference the name of the referrer to the gatekeeper,
4- Tell them what you want…”5 minutes of time”. Avoid sales speak…” to show how we can help, demonstrate value” etc.
5- Leave Voice mails- no one will know how hard you are trying without a trail. Be specific- don’t just use your elevator speech, tell them what you have done, where and why it is relevant to them..voice mail allows you a 30 second commercial to the CEO
6-Keep calling- persistence often gets you through eventually

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