Some of the Best Companies you have never heard of

In the course of completing projects fo our clients we often run into some great companies that are not well known. We thought that you would like to know about some of these companies.

ShoreTel is one of these companies, in an industry dominated by billion dollar companies ShoreTel is the David fighting against these Goliaths. Yet ShoreTel has been ranked as the number 1 VoIP Telephony system (by Nemertes Research) ahead of Cisco, Avaya and Nortel. Not only this, they have been ranked number one for four consecutive years. For more information on ShoreTel contact TRG or visit their website at

Tacamor is a small contact center outsource agency based in rural Newfoundland. Yes that right, rural Newfoundland. This company provides customer service and technical support to companies across North America. This company is based in Placentia Newfoundland, a small town. It is that small town attitude towards service and value is what Tacamor brings to the table. Their staff is truly friendly and are committed to provide service. The staff is loyal, as they have chosen stay where they grew up and not migraqte to the city or to other markets. As expected perhaps there are not many employment opportunities in Placentia, so the staff stays with Tacamor and improves their skills. For more information on Tacamor contact TRG or visit their website at

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