Snapshotz of your Call Center- the SaaS Audit

Colin Taylor

In a recent post we discussed the value of completing an annual ‘health check’ of you call center or contact center. The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.) have tended to cost $45,000 or more. The challenge for many organizations was one of a ‘chicken and the egg’; which comes first. Companies couldn’t justify the investment in the assessment without knowing what they will gain in terms of call center improvements and we couldn’t tell them what the recommendations would be until we completed the audit.

Well today there is another option available to call center operators; Snapshotz Online™. Snapshotz Online™ is the worlds first and only SaaS based call center audit tool. Snapshotz assesses your call center or contact center across 8 categories, 19 subcategories and up to 620 data-points.

While Snapshotz is primarily a call center assessment tool, it is much more than that. Snapshotz is primarily a management tool for customer service / contact center / call centers. Primary uses include:
• SWOT analysis and planning tool
• Audit tool and risk management tool
• Team and location comparisons
• Training tool
• Strategic task management tool linked to KPI’s
• Leadership development tool
» Easily deployed (within 5 – 10 minutes) and available on demand
» Easy to use and delivers immediate reporting
More than 400 organizations around the globe have deployed Snapshotz Online™. You can implement Snapshotz Online™in as little as 5 Minutes, all you need is an internet connection.

The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. is the certified partner for Snapshotz Online™ in North America. Visit our website for more details on Snapshotz, view sample reports and see what it could do for you and your center.

The cost for a Snapshotz Online™ audit is just $4,519 including all taxes, which is just 10% of the cost of a traditional audit or assessment. With a price point that is much more accessible I expect that for a lot of organizations this will solve the ‘chicken or the egg’, debate.

To help us celebrate the launch of Snapshotz Online™ we are holding a draw to award 1 free Snapshotz Online license to a lucky call center. To be eligible you must register your call or contact center, the center must be located within Canada or the United States. The contest closes on May 30, 2011. Only one entry per call center location.

Win Your Snapshotz Free Call Center Audit – Enter Here

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