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The Snapshotz Online Download April 2012
What’s on the menu of the April issue of ‘Download’
• Snapshotz: “Enabling a thousand flowers to bloom”
• Millennial myths busted – learning’s for contact center management
• “There is joy in work. There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.” 7 more Leadership Secrets of Henry Ford
• The Language of Leadership, Influence Culture, and Influence Strategy – Words can be weapons of mass destruction or weapons of mass inspiration. Chose them with extreme care!
• Event information
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Snapshotz: “Enabling a thousand flowers to bloom”
Whilst a third of the year has zoomed past, for many including ourselves it seems like we are only just gathering momentum. There are over 50 plus Snapshotz users who are currently working through the Snapshotz assessment or have just completed them over the past week.
With South Africa and the Middle East beginning to lead the charge, other locations of Snapshotz Customers include the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.
Snapshotz is a unique and multifaceted tool and one of the key facets is benchmarking provided by the 700 plus data points collected by the Snapshotz tool in the assessment process.
A striking feature of a majority of those completing the Snapshotz assessment for the second time around is the degree of innovation that is beginning to breed. Whilst in some cases there are dramatic changes wrought about by introduction of new technology for many it is the ability to make small but innovative changes to vastly improve the operations of the centre, staff engagement and customer engagement. This has only been possible through the ability of the Snapshotz tool that assists in identifying these and providing the structure to do so and in the words of Masaaki Imai Kaizen, enabling a ‘thousand flowers to bloom’ or change for the better!
May a thousand flowers bloom in your center!
Millennial myths busted – learning’s for contact center management
Colin Taylor
I read an interesting article by Jennifer J Deal at strategy+business looking at three myths we hold about Millennials (Those employees born between 1980 – 2000). For the past number of years we have all heard horror stories about organizations that gave away iPads, spot bonuses, socially conscious and social responsible activities, but still had staff leave for greener pastures.


Developed in NZ but gaining ground around the world, Snapshotz is the cheapest tool to keep track of the entirety of the customer experience. Check out the website See sample reports generated as well as other links such as customers experiences Customer Experiences
Snapshotz Online has multiple applications – audit, planning, training, comparison of teams and performance, review and reporting.
If you wish to find out more contact us or our certified partners and we will be happy to discuss any questions you may have. Contact information: Email:

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