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The Snapshotz Online Update August 2011

A Snapshotz of August: Conversations and contributions from International contact centre figures
A Snapshotz of August: Technology trends in a nutshell, knowledge and skills for the modern contact centre manager, Industry voices and positive health in the contact centre, why customer service is viewed in parts and not as a whole?
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A thought to ponder upon….
“Customer Service is often a vital function within the organisation if not the heart of the organization.
Yet, compared to other functions there is not as much literature or management thought gone into understanding the function in a holistic manner.
Its either IT and communications or regulations, or processes or operational metrics or physical health and safety or CRM or cost per contact saved or customer experience generated (or not)…
What happens when all of these come together with humans driving them?”
Knowledge and skills for contact center executives, the future direction of contact centre technology Joe Staples (CMO Interactive Intelligence)
I had the occasion to play tour guide to Joe Staples, Chief Marketing Officer and Jeroen Buis, Senior Product manager from Interactive intelligence when they were in Auckland, New Zealand to Launch CIC Four.0.
Being a winters Sunday in July, we were absorbed by mother nature’s sights as we zoomed across West and East Auckland. With only a few hours and a plane to catch later on in the day, there was no time to contemplate our industry but only take in the majesty of the views before us. (Photo’s to follow)
We did however have a few minutes to chat post the launch of CIC Four.0 on Friday where we covered quite a few interesting areas. Here is a question I asked Joe that’s always on my mind and minds of contact center executives –
Where is contact centre technology heading in the foreseeable future?
Joe readily responded:
“I think there are several things that are really exciting for contact centres right now.
We are seeing huge growth in hosted contact centres – let someone else manage the IT requirements and let the contact centre focus on the business and the customer experience.
Another hot item is the increased deployment of work-at-home agents – the benefits of that strategy are really compelling.
We’re also seeing really nice strides in contact centres rolling out additional communication channels. We’ve talked about that for awhile, but it is really happening in-mass now with centres adding email, chat, SMS and even beginning to look at incorporating social media channel monitoring and routing.
One last one that we’re excited about is real time speech analytics. It is something that we’ve just introduced to the market with the launch of CIC 4.0, but if interest level is any indicator of future purchase patterns, this should really be big. It’s certainly an exciting time to be a part of the contact centre industry.”
Joe in turn asked me what skills and knowledge do contact center executives need to target in trying to get ahead in the changing contact centre world given what we see emerging through Snapshotz Online?.
There are the basics which embody people management skills and a sharp political nous. However what’s particularly apparent in the well managed centres is:
1. The ability for senior management to understand operational metrics and employ these statistics not as a rod but as a means to achieving desired customer, employees and stakeholder ends.
2. Contact Center Executives whom understand that technology is the means to the end and are able to harness what’s available get ahead.
3. The truly successful managers treat continuous improvement not as a project but as an ongoing focus.
Await next month’s Snapshotz Online download as Joe’s photographic skills come to the fore!!!
Positive Health & Safety in Your Customer Support Centre – Six Tell Tale Symptoms of a “Health Iceberg” – Darlene Richard
An area where ‘lip service’ is rife is the matter of people. This month and in the following months Darlene Richard the international author & philosopher on non face-to-face customer support and loyalty will author a series of articles for Snapshotz Online readers commencing with this article Six Tell Tale Symptoms of a “Health Iceberg”.
It is assuredly a treat for us to have Darlene share her rich lore of wisdom with us.
Industry Voices: Davin Brown, Customer Services Manager, Goodman Fielder (Dairy and Meats)
Every month we ask a fellow professional from our industry, questions around what were the challenges and successes they faced and what the ‘biggies are over the next three months.
1. What were the main challenges for the month? ”Starting communication and workshops with the team in preparation for our upcoming ERP change. Its so important to get a high level of buy in and engagement to support the change”
2. What was your main success for the month?
“We had two big ‘uns this month. We had our first SAP workshop with the team. It was warming to note that after a limited amount of exposure, they are already thinking about what potential there is to add value to our customers. What we could be doing differently and what we need to do to get us through the change.
Secondly presenting our updated strategy and initiatives for the coming year, covering our Snapshotz assessment and what we are doing about our “Gaps”. Having clear and measurable initiatives gained through the Snapshotz programme really helped with team and management understanding and sign off. As a bonus using the project management functionality within the Snapshotz tool we can monitor, review and report the status of the initiatives.
3. The big issues you see for you and your team over the next 03 months.
Launch of our new ERP platform (SAP), meaning our day to day lives will change overnight. Supporting the team through this will be crucial to our success.
Do you wish to comment? Click here to send us your comments and what your particular challenges are?

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