Shoulder Massages to Boost Morale

Here is an interesting story of using massages, dinners and beverages to boost morale and keep call center agents engaged.

Stressed Christchurch staff get shoulder massages
Hard worked Christchurch City Council customer service staff are receiving free shoulder massages every 10 days to boost morale.
Call volume at the council’s contact centre has doubled since February’s earthquake and the council’s 44 customer service agents have fielded hundreds of calls a day from distraught Canterbury residents. Contact centre manager David Dally said the workload had put staff under immense pressure and staff were working triple-shift rosters in March and put in extensive overtime to keep the phones answered.
“People are quite distressed, and understandably so. However, staff have often been in that same position themselves,” said Dally, who paid for staff to have neck and shoulder massages to help relieve tension. He also laid on roast dinners and morning teas to keep staff fuelled during their shifts. To help decrease the workload, extra staff have arrived after being trained to help cope with the nature and number of calls.

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3 thoughts on “Shoulder Massages to Boost Morale

  1. Fastforward says:

    Some companies also let you have a nap in a long chair. 15 minutes of sleep can give you the energy to stay focused for hours.

  2. Lubna Latif says:

    We have been supporting companies to keep their staff healthy and happy at work by providing our onsite chair massages. We have found that staff feel refreshed, valued and will return to their desk more productive.

  3. Keyon says:

    This article made my day.

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