Revenue Generation

Lead Generation, Revenue Generation and Marginal Account Management:

Success as a B2B organization often comes down to how effective your lead generation process is. Many B2B organizations have a field sales force that depends upon a steady stream of well qualified leads to be successful. In all sales processes, getting in front of the right people at the right time is paramount.

Taylor Reach Lead Generation Consulting Services can help you to improve your internal or external lead generation and ensure that you;

1) Qualify the right person – the decision maker

There is not much value in speaking to someone about retaining your products or services if they are not in a position to influence the decision.

2) Identify the need/interest for your product or service

3) Qualify the budget and/or spending authority

4) Promote your products or services

Identify why your product or service is the best match to the prospects’ needs and uncover the WIIFM - “What’s in it for me?”

5) Setting the appointment to discuss further

Lead Generation

Your existing lead generation strives to achieve all of the above. How well is it succeeding? Do you believe your lead generation process could perform at a higher level?

Then reach out to Taylor Reach -we can help. We have extensive experience helping organizations with captive and outsourced lead generation program design, implementation and performance improvement.

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Marginal Account Management

For almost every organization that employs a field sales force, there are accounts and prospects who fall below the cost of servicing by the field salesforce. These small or ‘marginal’ accounts can be effectively serviced phone with similar profit margins to those achieved by the field sales team. Taylor Reach has developed successful programs for many organizations in many industries including waste management, breweries, food services, specialty chemicals and many others. Taylor Reach Group is able to design, implement, optimize and enhance marginal account management within your organization.

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Inbound Revenue Generation

Taylor Reach Group has helped numerous organizations to improve their inbound revenue generation across a number of different industries and verticals including product sales, educational services, B2B and B2C.

Our services can include program design, sales training; development and delivery, script development, testing and revisions

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