Call and Contact Center Strategic Assessment

All contact center operators and customer experience executives want to know the answers to five questions:

1- Are we doing the right things?
2- Are we doing these in the right way?
3- Are we doing these in the right location?
4- Are we employing the right Technology?
5- What can we change to become better in terms of cost, revenue, satisfaction and engagement.

To get the answers for each of these questions you must uncouple the ‘thousands of moving parts’ that are your call center(s). In our consultant lead Strategic Assessment engagements we ‘uncouple’ this web of interconnected processes, procedures, and technology and examine the basis and rationale for each discrete activity. You must ‘bucket’ these elements under the four ‘pillars’ (People, Process, Technology & Methodology) of all contact centers and their role in delivering the ‘Customer Experience’. We incorporate a proprietary questionnaire with the Snapshotz audit as a data gathering tool to benchmark and define where the center is today and this consultant lead process identifies where the center is going, based on the goals and objectives for the center and a ‘finished state’ model approximately 18 months in the future. Additionally, we identify “low-hanging-fruit” and the relative benefits (and costs) associated with capturing these. Low-hanging fruit are generally recommendations that the client is able to implement with little or no additional support from Taylor Reach. Where Taylor Reach is asked to implement recommendations this we guarantee the return on investment.

For change planning (within the contact center) to be effective it is essential that the implications and impact of the change, is known and quantifiable. The Strategic Assessment equips you with this knowledge. The Strategic Assessment should be viewed as establishing a framework and baseline against which all future changes within the contact center is assessed

Based upon the Strategic Assessment Taylor Reach establishes a baseline (employing the Snapshotz audit tool and our own proprietary tools) of how the center is performing today and then works with you to take your management team and center performance to the next level. This allows you to balance the needs of people and project management and at the same time move beyond a day-to-day focus. This investment will pay dividends many times its cost by ensuring that future change:

• Is aligned with the corporate goals,
• Delivers meaningful improvement to Revenue Generation, Operational Effectiveness, and/or Efficiency,
• Is assessed based upon its impact on other systems, processes or procedures,
• Furthers or improves the ‘Customer Experience’,
• Is implemented with a known and quantifiable result.

Taylor Reach can assist you in establishing a plan that enhances performance, operational effectiveness/efficiency, improves the ‘Customer Experience’, and drives operational innovation.

Taylor Reach has four offices, and our consultants possess more than 200 years of operational experience in virtually every aspect of contact center operation and management.

We have completed hundreds of Strategic Assessments that have transformed centers of all sizes: 6 agents to over 12,000. We guarantee the ROI when implementing out recommendations.

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