Sales IS Good Service

Sales is Good Service
All companies exist because they have a product or service that their customers like, use and/or enjoy. Our company is no different. Our customers like and enjoy our products, services and capabilities.
Of course not every customer will be happy every moment of the day, but then neither will we. We have established our call centers to make it easier for our customers to use our services. If customers are experiencing service or technical problems they may be unable to employ our services or they may be frustrated in trying to do so. By offering assistance through the call centre to the customer service or technical issues we are really enabling easier use of our products and services.
All of us sell every day, since we were young we sold our parents on what we needed for our birthday or to attend school, we have sold our significant other the importance of the latest action movie while downplaying the latest romantic comedy. We have sold our bosses at various points in our careers that ‘we really are’ too sick to come into work. We sell constantly, we sell our capabilities to a prospective employer and our charm and good looks to object of our hearts attention.
Having said this many people often draw a line between Sales and Service. “Service is helping people and Sales is trying to sell them something”. This is true as far as it goes…Service is helping people, but Sales can also be helping people as well.
The word sell actually originated from the Scandinavian root ‘selzig’ which literally means serve.
If we sell a new service that allows our customer faster internet access at a reasonable cost…would the customer say we helped them?
“Our sales efforts will fall short, if we ever forget that the act of ‘selling’ useful products and services that meet a customer need, when done well, is the ultimate customer service,”
If we can remeber this and truely deliver on this we will generate sales revenues, but also deliver service that will satisfy and please our customers.

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