Businesses and organizations are increasingly turning their attention to the overall results, in terms of the total effectiveness of the Call Center/ Contact Center as it relates to the objectives and outcomes for their customers and callers. In many centers – if not all – this new direction starts by focusing on quality and quality control.

Organizations often focus their quality program on the agents. Think, a mini performance review. Done by their supervisor and focused on the elements of the call, these reviews can help an agent perform better, but at a high cost. Usually this improvement is just the result of the close attention. What is often lost is the overall view of quality of the center.

Taylor Reach offers a range of approaches and models for companies and organizations to improve their quality assurance programs. These redesigned models provide views for management to encompass the common view of agent but also add to:


Quality Management and Customer Experience Design 

The Center Quality Design:
How do you know the level of quality being delivered by your Contact Center(s)? What are the most problematic calls across the center? What are the issues and trends over time? What are comparators and which should be used when?

Quality Measurement/Monitoring Service (3PQM) 

Outsourced Quality Monitoring:
To selected clients or the selection of other vendors to provide different types and levels service.



Customer Quality Reporting (CSAT, NPS, FCR etc.) 

Quality Reporting:
Provides the center with a 360° view, by significantly increasing the visibility of the customer’s perspective and point of view related to the services they receive from the Call Center.