Quality Monitoring

Monitoring call and contact center agents is a central and key activity within any call or contact center. Of this is the primary means to ensure that an acceptable level of service is being provided to the company’s’ customers. This process validates the hiring and training process and often acts as a mini-performance review for agent staff, identifying the superior performers and those where improvement is needed.

So how is today that many organization are electing to outsource this key and critical activity? While each company or organization may have their own reasons and rationale for making this decision, a number of consistent themes emerged over the study. Key influencing factors include: lack of resources, an increase in non-phone related activities and technology related issues.

Is outsourced third party monitoring appropriate for you? That depends on your organization and how it operates, but it is clear that as the demands upon Supervisors time increase, adding many non-phone related activities something has to give. For some organizations they have found the best success in outsourcing their quality monitoring.

The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. has just released a research study called ” Outsourced Quality Monitoring: Emerging Market or Outsourcing Core Competencies”.

Let me know if you would like to receive a copy.

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    I would like to have a copy too….

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    I am part of a QA team at a call centre and I am about to give out a training regarding call monitoring and QA importance.

    Can you send me a copy of that reasearch?

    If you have information that you think may be useful for my training could you sent it to me as well?

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    I work in a call centre and I would very much like to recieve a copy. I’d appreciate it if you could send it to my id [email protected]


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