Quality Measurement / Monitoring Service (3PQM)

Major issues for many centers is time, or lack of time required to complete the ‘call monitoring’ consistently, objectively and regularly. While all supervisors acknowledge that monitoring is important they are usually so pressed for time that listening is a “if I can” activity. How often has your team failed to meet the minimum number of monitors in a month?

Also because each supervisor does the listening and scoring as discrete tasks there is often no roll up of the agent’s scores team or group levels; and virtually no historical tracking of overall center performance. In short with no roll up or historical tend tracking your Quality program is little more than mini-performance review of the agent.

Of course each Supervisor will score differently and often will treat individual agents differently as well. This is bias. The bias can be favoritism, or discrimination. Internal Quality Monitoring is fraught with challenges including the conflicted role of the Supervisor as both the Assessor and the Coach. This duality can actually lead to reduced performance[1].

3PQM services solve these and other problems associated with listening and scoring calls by providing an independent and objective point of view to all the people involved.

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