Quality Management and Customer Experience Design

Quality Management and Customer Experience Design

How do you know the level of quality being delivered by your contact center(s)? For many organizations the answer to this questions lies with internal review individual agent calls and scoring these calls against a pre-define checklist or scorecard. The checklist or scorecard generally include contact elements that the organization believes are important to the customer. This approach often incorrectly assigns value to activities that the customer does not feel to be important. The result is a quality program that may not correlate to customer satisfaction, or even have a negative correlation.

We have helped many organizations to redesign and redevelop their quality program to ensure a positive alignment with both customer satisfaction and NPS. We work with our clients to identify the activities or processes that required for a contact to be compliant to the business objectives of the contact, identify processes to assess not voice channels and develop outreach approach to incorporate direct customer feedback into the quality process.

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