Call and Contact Center Quality Management Services

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What does “quality assurance” mean for your Customer Experience?

At Taylor Reach, we take Customer Experience very seriously.

Taylor Reach offers a range of approaches and models for improving the Customer Experience and to help Contact Centers improve their quality assurance programs.

Businesses and organizations are increasingly turning their attention to the overall effectiveness of their Customer Experience and Contact Center as it relates to customer outcomes. In many centers, this new direction starts by focusing on quality and quality control.

We don’t focus solely on the quality of an agent interaction. These reviews can help an agent perform better, but often carry a high cost requiring myopic attention that can lose sight of the overall view of quality delivered by the center.

At Taylor Reach, we take a holistic approach, paying attention to how improvements in individual quality fit into the overall performance of the center as a whole.

Quality Management and Customer Experience Design

How do you know the level of quality being delivered by your Contact Center(s)?

Taylor Reach assists in Quality Management and Customer Experience Design by utilizing a two phase process:

  1. Mapping and assessing your current quality program for alignment with business objectives and best practices
  2. Quality Program Redesign

We have helped many organizations to reimagine, redesign and redevelop their quality program to ensure a positive alignment with both customer satisfaction and NPS. We work with our clients to identify activities or processes required for a contact to be aligned to the business objectives of the customer. From there, we’re able to develop an outreach approach to incorporate direct customer feedback into the quality process.

Quality Measurement & Monitoring Services (3PQM)

Quality monitoring in the Call and Contact Center is often a challenge. Supervisors know the process needs to be there, but are often pressed for time, and the processes themselves are often open to bias, interpretation, and commitment issues that can be difficult to overcome.

Taylor Reach’s 3PQM services solve these and other problems associated with listening and scoring calls by providing an independent and objective point of view to all the people involved. We’re able to use this program to bring you call feedback that is timely, consistent, regular, and objective. With these metrics in hand call quality can be consistently monitored and improvements in quality and efficiency can be implemented when they matter most.

True Customer Experience Measurement

The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. has developed Customer Quality Reporting as a service to assist organizations in measuring and gauging customer satisfaction.

Taylor Reach works with your organization to identify the anticipated customer response to an emailed survey. The goal is to deliver four to five customer responses per agent per month. This creates a sample size approximately similar to that achieved with internal quality programs. This sample varies by organization. Initial outgoing surveys are 100 per agent, per month.

Each email contains a survey and/or survey link. The sample survey asks the following CX questions:

1. How satisfied were you with your interaction with our call center on date at time
2. Was your call/contact the first time you had contacted us regarding that issue?
3. Has your issue or inquiry been resolved?
4. “On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?”

Taylor Reach then manages all aspects of the program, from maintaining customer lists to analysis of survey results. We provide agent-level, global, and trend reports across the organization. With this, we’re able to track customer experience down to the agent level and develop the right training, coaching, and mentoring strategies to bring every agent up to the quality standards you’ve set for your customer experience.