Proactive Customer Service to Deeper Customer Relationships

ct-7 By Colin Taylor

I recently read a good post by Scott Sachs of SJS Solutions on the topic of proactive customer support

In the post Scott does a great job setting the table for Proactive Customer Service in this post. From my perspective, companies need to look Proactive #custserv as an investment in the #customerexperience and realize that if it is effective it not only deepens the customer relationship it also reduces costs, by heading of problems.

What if a company proactively notified you that your credit card was about to expire or that your subscription was about to auto-renew? Both of these provide control in the customers hands and allow them to act, heading off a dunning series or a contact over an unexpected charge. What if a ‘how to video’ was sent to customer who haven’t used an on-line product x days after purchase? What if a company could identify high risk customers who are likely to attrite and contacted them with enhanced service, a new offer, a modified product?

The scenarios above are just the tip of the iceberg about what you can do with Proactive Customer Service, but all of these serve to deepen the connection with the customer and most will actually reduce costs and preserve revenue.

Join the discussion and let me know your thought on proactive customer service.

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