Press Release: Taylor Reach Group Selected to Optimize Vision Care Leader


The Taylor Reach Group, Inc., a globally-recognized call and contact center consulting and managed services firm focused on optimizing customer engagement, has announced that it is working with a worldwide leader in personal vision care.

Taylor Reach is performing a strategic assessment that will include detailed analysis of the inner workings of the contact center, with focus on a holistic approach. This assessment examines the four “pillars” of contact center operations—people, process, technology, and methodology—to formulate a strategy and develop a roadmap that optimizes the contact center and vastly improves the patient experience.

“Our strategic assessment process helps the client find benchmark the contact center performance against best practice centers, while developing a clear picture of all the intricacies that go into the center’s operations,” says Colin Taylor, CEO and Chief Chaos Officer at Taylor Reach. “With these measures in hand, we’re better able to address concerns and bottlenecks in the patient experience that, once solved, can greatly improve that experience and save our client time and money in resolving customer issues.”

Through this project, and several other clients in the healthcare industry, Taylor Reach continues to expand its support of varied healthcare practices in helping improve and optimize patient experience through contact center operations.

About The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.

A global Contact Center, Call Center, and Customer Experience consulting firm. Established in 2003, Taylor Reach is dedicated to assisting clients to solve customer experience, contact center, and customer service challenges. Services include Strategic Assessments, Training Development, Revenue Generation and anything related to optimizing the Contact Center. Taylor Reach serves client organizations across all verticals with anywhere from 5 to 10,000+ agents: SMB’s, Fortune 500 and Global 1000 firms.

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