Poor customer services costs big

Businesses in Australia and New Zealand suffer significant losses each year due to poor customer service, according to new research.

The survey sponsored by Genesys, found that consumers abandon transactions or end relationships when companies do not meet their expectations. While in most cases the individual will turn to a competitor for the business, in a surprising number of instances — over 30 percent — the consumer simply decides not to spend any money. In Australia alone businesses lose more than AU$2.6 billion per year due to poor customer service, the survey found. The survey also found the cost of poor customer service in New Zealand totals more than NZ$1.492 billion per year.

Respondents said some of their key annoyances are automated, difficult to navigate, self service programs that don’t let them reach a human agent, working with agents who are not empowered to make decisions, and having to repeat information – such as name and account number – every time their call is forwarded to another department.

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