Over 500 lost jobs in a week – Evidence the Canadian dollar has Changed Call Center Location Math

Last week TeleTech announced they were laying off 216 people at its Halifax call centre, which received almost $12 million dollars in job creation grants a decade ago. Marriott also announced last week that they are closing their Fredericton NB centre, laying off 260 staff. Both of these announcements reflect the impact of the change in the strength of the Canaian dollar. a decade ago the Cdn $ was at $0.80 US and centres in Canada made great economic sense. Today with Cdn dollar at par these centres now cost more than US locations.

Dollar savings versus US locations can no longer be the driving force to build and retain call centres in Canada. The quality, customer satisfaction and service excellence is the key to future sustainability and growth in the Canadian Call Centre industry. Is the industry up to the challenge? Time will tell.

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