Outsourcing Preparedness & Suitability

Outsourcing Preparedness & Suitability

Considering outsourcing your Call Center or even upgrading your existing outsourcing relationship?
Statistic: 80% of Customer Service outsourcing projects designed to cut costs, will fail and 50% of UK blue chip companies enter the outsourcing selection process without knowing exactly what they want or how best to source it
The Call Center and Contact Center outsourcing industry is rapidly changing - constantly. With the continuous evolution of technology and locations, it can be difficult to keep up with the transformations.
That’s where Taylor Reach can assist. Many organizations do not have a clear, accurate or deep understanding of their existing center; this creates risk in outsourcing. It is essential to have a full comprehension understanding otherwise the costs of outsourcing can be high and customer satisfaction low. We understand outsourcing, principals of Taylor Reach have decades of experience building, running and selling outsource agency services. The fact that we are vendor agnostic means you are getting the straight goods when you deal with Taylor Reach.
The solution – invest in Taylor Reach’s Outsourcing Preparedness & Suitability Study which will indicate:
  • The maturity of your center today
  • The suitability of your contact, customers’ experiences, and processes for outsourcing
  • The pre-requisites to complete today to ensure a for smooth outsourcing transition
This will allow you to:
  • Avoid costly challenges – downstream
  • Surface complex tasks and processes and assess each process based on completeness, accuracy and align to hiring and training

Outsourcing Preparedness & Suitability – Taylor Reach will conduct a high-level Contact Center audit to facilitate the comparison of the current center, to best practice centers. We will outline our approach, methodology, experience and benefits of working with Taylor Reach and provide you with a detailed proposal outlining:

  • Project overview
  • Approach with project management framework
  • Scope and detailed required activities to meet project goals
  • Deliverables which Taylor Reach will assist in developing and executing
  • Timetable of major elements with time commitments and approximations
Taylor Reach has seven offices globally, and our consultants each possess more than 20 years of operational experience in virtually every aspect of Contact Center operations and management. This experience both domestically and internationally makes Taylor Reach uniquely qualified to execute this engagement for your company.
Interested in learning more about Outsourcing Preparedness & Suitability, please complete the form below and we will be in touch within one business day.
Outsourcing Preparedness & Suitability

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