Garry Shultz

Garry Shutlz, 

Garry is an experienced Customer Care strategist with expertise in assisting post-sale-support operations to mature & grow. With over twenty-five years as an executive manager for high-technology post-sale support operations Garry has lived the omni-channel evolution from yesterday’s telephony centric operations to fully integrated multichannel Social Media driven operations. A relentless focus on meaningful performance metrics has served as the foundation to Garry’s success in both B2C and B2B operations.
Most recently Garry was VP of Global operations for AVG Technologies operating with centres in US, Canada, Philippines, Poland, Israel and the Czech Republic. Prior to that, Rovi Corporation (Roxio brand) serving 350M consumers globally. Garry is intimate with meeting emerging technology challenges head-on; he has successfully engaged with the freeimum model, operational net-to-zero (support as a profit center vs cost center), steaming services and SaaS environments to name a few.
Garry lives in Ottawa with his wife. He is a published business author (Customer Care & Contact Center Handbook ) and has been translated into German, Spanish and Chinese. An avid musician and reports that puppies, invariability, take an immediate liking to him.

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