New software to enable multi-lingual Customer Support

Translate Your World, is reportedly set to revolutionize multilingual customer service, enabling almost anyone to converse in real-time across 25 different languages.
As recently reported by Fifth Quadrant; The US-developers of the Translate Your World solution say users can go to a webpage and talk, while the words of each speaker are instantly translated into the other language to appear as subtitles or be heard as attractive synthesized computer voice. “You can easily converse globally with family and business colleagues almost anywhere in the world,” said Translate Your World CEO Sue Reager.
Translate Your World is a “mission control center” that unites side-software by Microsoft, Google, Nuance, SDL, ReadSpeaker, SIMS, Yandex, Systran, Android, Baidu, WebRTC, VoIP, and many more to function harmoniously “while empowering the world to bridge the language barrier”. Translate Your World provides users with access to the best language features of each technology.

This technology holds the promise to allow a uni-lingual workforce to support more than two dozen languages, simplifying the forecasting and scheduling activities in many call and contact centers, by eliminating the need to secure or train each required service skill in each language.

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