New Service From Taylor Reach Equips Call Centers to Measure Customer Satisfaction, First Contact Resolution and Net Promoter Score

New tool from Leading Call center consulting firm allows call centers to listen to their customers tell them how they are performing and measures true Customer Satisfaction, FCR and Net Promoter score.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) December 21, 2011

Colin Taylor, The Chairman and CEO of The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. today announced Customer Quality Reporting, a new tool that makes it easy and inexpensive for call centers to measure their Customer Satisfaction, First Contact Resolution and Net Promoter Score.

“Historically, one of the challenges experienced by call centers has been the inability to accurately gauge the level of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) delivered and the percentage of calls or contacts that are resolved on the first attempt. Customer satisfaction, has been proven to drive customer loyalty and repurchase and First Contact Resolution (FCR) is both a quality measure- how well we serve our customers and a cost metric- how much money could we save if we resolved the issue on the first contact”, said Taylor.

“According to the Harvard Business Review, Companies could improve profit be at least 25% Just by reducing Customer Defections by 5%,” said Taylor. The key to reducing defections is to ensure that companies and their call centers are delivering a satisfying experience when they phone the call center.”

Customer Quality Reporting (CQR) allows call centers to determine the overall level of Customer Satisfaction with the call centre service, the level of First Contact Resolution in the center and even calculate their net promoter score (NPS). In addition CQR tracks the CSAT and FCR right down to the individual agent level. This agent level reporting means that centers can target training and coaching to the individual agents that need this assistance and who maybe costing the company money. In addition trend reporting highlights performance improvement, as a result of coaching and training initiatives.

“CQR is accessible to centers of all sizes with the service priced at $35 per agent, per channel (voice, email, chat etc.) per month,” said Taylor.

About The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.

With three offices in North America and one in Australia, The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. (Taylor Reach) a leading Call Center Consulting and Customer Service consulting firm. This award winning company founded in 2003 by Colin Taylor today boasts a stable of Fortune 1000 companies. The consulting staff at Taylor Reach each possesses more than 20 years of Call/Contact Center, Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction experience in delivering effective and significant benefits from Operational Innovation.

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