More calls needed for sales conversion…Call me Back

More calls needed for sales conversion

Financial services providers are seriously missing out on online sales conversions by failing to offer customers a call back option, mystery shopper research has revealed.

The sector is missing out on online sales opportunities by failing to provide visitors with easy access to human contact, according to the report commissioned by Rostrvm Solutions.

The study, which also focused on the availability of Call Me Back features, found that just 14 per cent of financial services web sites offer this facility in spite of its apparent success rate.

Ken Reid, marketing director at Rostrvm Solutions said: There is plenty of evidence to show that while consumers research financial services products online, as many as 64 per cent still want to purchase by phone.

It is astonishing that the industry is still largely ignoring Call Me Backs, which have been proven to significantly increase online conversion rates.

Dr. Max Blumberg, customer management strategist and visiting researcher at the University of London, said: While the Internet is a cost-effective channel for driving new customer acquisition, it is well-documented that a significant percentage of customers still want to speak to a human representative.

This is particularly true for areas such as mortgages or health insurance which require complex user decisions and the penalty for buyer error is high, but it also applies to insurance products.


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