Measure your Schedule Efficiencies

I saw a good and very helpful post by W. Richard Spearrin, Jr. on the Linked In discussion group NorthEast Contact Center Forum regarding WFM and staff scheduling. This article has some great tips and suggestions to better manage your schedule efficiency.

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The post is below:

Measure your Schedule Efficiencies
If your forecasts are completely in line, and AHT is within +/- 10% of the forecast day in and day out, but you are still failing to make your service goals, you may need to check how efficient your scheduling processes are.

Many companies use a schedule efficiency measurement for over- or understaffed intervals to see how well they are scheduling. Schedule efficiency refers to the match between the exact requirements for each interval and the number scheduled. There are sometimes too many scheduled due to the need to meet peak requirements with more than necessary resulting in the low volume periods (especially with all full-time staff). There may be periods of understaffing as well. Both under- and over-staffing count as mismatches. The level of inefficiency is a total of both compared to the total requirements.

This schedule efficiency measurement can show where you need to make adjustments. Those may be scheduling changes you need like split shifts or more part-timers or you could just have one or two days that are over-staffed. However, it could reflect a need for other options like flex schedules or 10-hour shifts to get people off the overstaffed days. Many folks have tools available in their workforce management system to measure this type of efficiency.

This week’s tip provided by Rick Seeley of Convergys.

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  1. Solomon Mokoane says:

    Kindly assist me with a measurement tool to test if it may work for my environment

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