Major sports league implements Taylor Reach contact center recommendations

A major professional North American sports league has begun implementing changes to its contact center operations, based on recommendations by Taylor Reach.

The organization, which initially contracted The Taylor Reach Group to assess its global contact center operations in 2021, has now started to put the recommendations into practice.

“With millions of fans — not just across North America, but also around the world — there was a need to ensure a smooth and efficient customer experience,” notes Taylor Reach CEO and Chief Chaos Officer Colin Taylor.

Taylor Reach performs detailed strategic assessments for companies, NGO’s and governments across North America. Using a proprietary methodology combining benchmarking, best practice analysis and a deep understanding of People, Processes, Technology, and Methodology, Taylor Reach employs a holistic approach to contact center assessment that views the center in the context of the customer experience and the service delivery across traditional and digital channels. From there, recommendations can be made as to what gaps need to be addressed, and what steps can be taken to improve the operation and experience for both the customers and front-line staff.

“In this instance,” says Taylor, “there were more than 100 specific and actionable recommendations, a number of which we are helping to implement. We are pleased that the league is committed to improving the service it provides to its customers, and that we can play a small role in supporting this initiative.”

About The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.:

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