IQPC Call Center Summit- Review

Call Center Summit in Orlando just wrapped up and it was a bit of a disappointment. Attendance was about 150poeple (down by about 20% I am told from last year) with 15 or so exhibitors (also down from last year).

The show was O.K. a lot of recycled content and too little original material, but that is normal for most shows. A couple of very good sessions on on ‘Maintaining Control in a Virtual Contact Center Environment’, by Prem Uppaluru of Transera. The completeness of the Transera solution for integrated management of numerous disparate outsource centers is quite impressive. If you employ multiple outsource agencies with multiple locations you really should look into this solution to improve management and reduce costs.

The session by Steve Sullivan of CIT on ‘Optimizing Contact Center Resources During Tough Times’ was really mislabeled as it focused almost entirely on outbound IVR as a cost effective tool to improve communications and preempt inbound calls. While Steve’s focus was from the collections industry the information has application to every contact center operator.

As with most shows of this kind there were too many commercials thinly veiled as presentations, too many “look at me I’m smart” case studies and the show management itself had some challenges with technology, a guide that didn’t identify session rooms, incorrect titles and associated speakers and a keynote that turned into a webinar.

Personally, I don’t think the show was worth the cost $2500 to attend, but as they say “you only need one idea you can use to pay for the conference”

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