IP Telephony Seminar in Toronto

If you are considering deploying VoIP or IP telephony in your organization, then this seminar will be of interest to you. The seminar on Oct 3rd at the Toronto Board of Trade is being hoosted by Premcom who have just opened up a Toronto office. Premcom is based i n Buffalo NY and hasbeen one of ShoreTel’s top resellers for a number of years.

The seminar will include on overview to VoIP and specific details on the ShoreTel approach and architecture. There will also be a full demonstration of ShoreTel IP telephony.

ShoreTel is the only ‘pure’ IP telphony manufacturer. Other manufacturers have compromised their architecture by dragging extensive legacy requirements or have compromised their architecture through acquisition. The architecture is what sets ShoreTel appart and is one of the reasons it has been rated #1 in user satisfaction four years in a row by independant research company Nemertes.

Pure IP architecture, Ease of use and low TCO are just a few reasons you should attend this seminar. You can register by calling 416-979-2130 or send an email to me at [email protected] and we will send you and invitation.

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