IP Telephony RFP template available

Selecting a IP Telephony System- Draft RFP available

It can be a task in and of itself, creating an RFP to send to vendors so that your organization can evaluate and select a new telephone system. With the shift to IP telephony, more IP systems than TDM systems have been shipped each year since 2005, it can be very daunting for organizations to manage their way through the complex RFP and selection process. In dealing with numerous organizations and helping them negotiate this process TRG has developed a straight forward and easy to use template for companies wishing to issue and RFP for an IP Telephony system. For a limited time we are making this available to subscribers of Customer Reach. The 15 page template is quite robust as is evident by the Table of Contents from the template below;

Table of Contents
Request for Proposal 1
IP Telephony System 1
Table of Contents 3
1.0 Introduction 4
2.0 Present System 4
3.0 Instruction to Bidders 5
4.0 System Requirements 6
Table 1. System Sizing Matrix 6
5.0 Security Requirements 7
6.0 System Features: Architecture 7
6.1 System Features: Reliability 7
6.2 System Features: Scalability 7
6.3 System Features: Multi-site Capabilities 8
6.4 System Features: Network Requirements 8
6.5 System Features: Peripheral Equipment 9
6.6 System Features: Administration and Management 10
6.7 System Features: Reporting 10
7.0 System Perspective: Installation 11
8.0 User Perspective: Multi-site 11
8.1 General User: Desktop Productivity Tools 11
8.2 Operator: Desktop Productivity tools 12
8.3 ACD Supervisor/Agent: Desktop Productivity Tools 13
8.4 Call Center Features 13
8.5 Telephone Interface 14
9.0 Conferencing 14
10.0 Training: End User and System Administrator 15
11.0 Service and Support 15

To receive a complimentary copy of the RFP template please email [email protected] and note RFP template in the subject line and we will send this right out to you.

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